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About Animation Industry
The Indian animation industry was growing at $355 Million in 2006 grew to reach a staggering $870 Million by the end of 2010. Several factors help in the raising growth of this animation industry in India , such as producing local content and government support. NASSCOM has reported that the global entertainment market will reach $37 billion by the year 2013..
India is in a place where it can capitalize on this growth in the animation industry to the maximum since the advantages Indian has over other countries are its technical expertise , a large highly skilled labour and low cost of production
. The animation industry in the recent years has become some of the sort after jobs in India. Since the animation industry needs even more man power than that the animation industry already has, to cater to the growing requirement.
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Graphic Design Course
Graphic Design is a creative process. Graphic Design can also be called Visual Communication or Communication Design. A process in which words , symbols and images are combined to create a visual representation of an Idea. Graphic Design is used in creating Product Identity ( Logos ) , advertisements , publications etc. Graphic Designing along with Web designing has great potential in the graphic and web designing industry
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Web Designing Courses
Web Design involves designing & coding a website. Elements like Text, Images, Digital media ( videos and music ) and interactive elements ( Flash ) are used to create brilliant websites. Web Design is also part of application development, the UI ( User Interface ) of many applications are created using web designing. This is age and time were Internet is available to everyone on every devise, Web design companies are booming around the world to cater to the large requirements hence web design job are becoming one of the well paid jobs around the world. Web Design along with Graphic design has great potential in the Graphic and Web design industry
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2D Animation Course
2d Animation is a process in which the animation is done on paper, the artist draws the characters on paper one frame at a time and then these drawings are converted to digital format. The 2D Animation is then added color and sound to create the wonderful experience of Cartoon Animation.
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3D Animation Course
3D Animation is done using software like Maya or 3d Max. 3D Animation creates a virtual world in which objects are modelled , virtual lights and camera are added and finally rendered to a very realistic view of the said object. 3D animation is extensively used in the movie industry to create futuristic planes , Aline worlds, extinct animals etc. 3D Animation is also used in the field of Architecture to create a virtual building even before the construction of the said building.
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Visual Effects (VFX)
Visual effects ( commonly shorted to VFX ) are processes in which imagery is created with live action footage and computer generated images which looks realistic. Visual Effects ( VFX ) is commonly used in the film industry to create amazing effects that may not be possible to do in real life. After the advent of Visual Effects in the movie industry , a new position has been created for the Visual Effects Supervisor.
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Spoken English
English has become an integral part of our day to day life. People speak English everywhere from the shopping mall to the corporate world. Without the knowledge of English Language , it becomes difficult to grow in their respective fields.

Toon2 - The English Training School a division of Toon2 - The Animation and Multimedia School in Mysore has recognised this need for learning English and has introduced 2 basic spoken English Courses. Spoken English and Communication Skills are the 2 basic spoken English classes offered by Toon2 in Mysore.
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About Toon2 - The Animation & Multimedia School

Toon2 - The Animation & Multimedia School opened its premier animation training institute in Mysore in OCT 2010. With the aim to Delivery industry standard training in the field of Graphic Design, Web Design , Animation and Visual Effects (VFX).
Toon2 can proudly say , its one of the best institutes in Mysore to learn Graphic Design , Web Design, Animation and Visual Effects.


Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka. Mysore's major industry is tourism, but having said that , the growth information technology related industry in the last decade has resulted in Mysore emerging as the second largest software exporter in the start of Karnataka next to Bangalore. Mysore has long been considered the best place to do one's education, since the calm and pleasant nature of Mysore enhances the experience on learning.

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